Maria Bennett

Contemporary Artist

Based in North Yorkshire

Maria Bennett, Artist

About Maria

Maria Bennett B.1960 spent her youth in the industrial North East and studied at Middlesbrough college of Art & Design in the 70s and went on to pursue her education with a degree in Chemistry and a career in engineering.

After this moving to the south of England in Farnham and further developed her career in aerospace and aircraft technologies for many years.  Having four children and bringing up her family in parallel with this career. Eventually she took a major step in getting back to her roots and moving to North Yorkshire, she has spent 15  years specialising in bespoke picture framing, assisting others present their artwork. Protecting and creating an extension of the artwork into frames of many sorts.

Maria initially concentrated on printmaking and watercolour painting and is now painting extensively in acrylic and oil and wax medium. Her work has been exhibited at Harlow Carr, Scarborough Art Gallery and several local Art societies. She is a member of the Whitby Art Society and is an invited artist for the local historic art group, The Fylingdales Group of Artists.

Now finally returning to her lifelong passion of creating atmospheric landscapes, sketching and painting plein air. Maria’s style is expressive and full of texture. Her landscapes capture a moody depiction of North Yorkshire farms, buildings, and landscapes.

Her collection of work extends to producing artwork in the form of etchings, collographs and watercolour mediums as well as oil and wax.

My Inspiration

I make use of all the surrounding countryside, hills and coastline, I draw and sketch plein air with a wide variety of media, instictively putting down shapes, marks and tones that fill my head. Often not working with any photos just the feelings and atmosphere of the elements and place I visit.

The mark making is usually without a brush at all, working with many different utensils and found twigs in a spontaneous way.

After many years of bringing up my family and maintaining my career, I feel I now finally have time for my inner creativity. My artwork today has taken on a more fluid, free and textured approach to rural landscapes on the North Yorkshire Moors. Being next to the sea or on the moors feels like a retreat and totally relaxing environment. Now a little older, my observation skills well developed I enjoy seeking out unusual vistas and viewpoints, incorporating stone farm buildings and remote moorland that tell a story, houses hidden in the landscape, busy farmers getting on with work, dry roads lined with fences, stone walls and gates. It fills me with a frantic passion to paint whether it is strong sun or gloomy stormy weather.

Some of Maria's Work
Exhibition History

2023 Invited Artist 91st Annual Exhibition, Fylingdales Group of Artists
2023 Mixed Show, Whitby Art Society, Whitby
2023 Mixed Show, Scarborough Art Gallery, Scarborough
2022 Mixed Still Life Show. Pannett Gallery, Whitby
2012 Mixed Show, Pickering Art club, Pickering
2006 Mixed Show Exhibition, Harlow Carr
2002 Mixed Show, Farnham Art Society, Farnham

"What I have seen of Maria’s work breaks down into her discovery of the place now lives in the Esk Valley, formally an industrial ironstone village much of which is under mined tunnelling dating back to the 18th century. Maria connected with its fundamental character straight away. I can speak that with authority as I grew up as a child in the village, which basically remains the same in its outward appearance since the 1850’s.
The other branch of her works , open sky landscapes is worked in oil and wax and catching the textures of a rugged, undulating and exposed patterned appearance worked with a confident treatment her oil and wax media."

- Peter Hicks